Old Salt is owned and run by Syann Cleary and Claire Sansom. Syann and Claire first worked together in 2015 and have over 25 years of experience between them, which when they stop to think about it makes them feel a little old!

Having both previously held the role of Head of Quantitative research at MTM London (albeit not at the same time!), Old Salt is our opportunity to spend more time doing the things we love – whether that’s spending time with family, on our yoga mat, or delivering research that delights clients.

Through Old Salt we’re able to give our hearts and souls to something we love and use our research experience to skilfully turn data into stories that stick. We work with select clients who get our full expertise and attention – you get the absolute best of us because this is where we want to be.

Syann's Great Grandad, Joe

If you’re wondering why we’re called Old Salt, it’s a nautical term for an experienced sailor and skilful teller of tales. We wanted a brand name that reflects our expertise and ability to tell meaningful stories from data, and the passion we have for what we do.

We both come from families with a passion for the sea – our respective Grandads and Great Grandads were real Old Salts! After serving in the Royal Navy during WW1, Syann’s Great Grandad Joe volunteered as part of the Dunkirk evacuation which saved countless lives; he is something of a legend in her family. Claire’s Great Grandad Big Jack also served in the Royal Navy and worked on the sea trawlers; his love for the sea was so strong that he named each of his seven children after the ships he was working on at the time.

Claire's Great Grandad, Big Jack