Great Grandad Joe in 1931 and with him from left to right is my great Aunt Bing, my Grandma Bessie and my great Uncle Joe.

After 11 years working in research within the media and sport sectors I found myself as Head of Quantitative Research at MTM London.

One day I read about the eternal dilemma; the idea that you consider your life choices in the context of living your current life over and over again for all eternity. Are you thinking about living your life for all eternity now? Could you (I know, things got deep quite quickly, don’t worry, they lighten up, read on for talk of sailors!)?

I realised I couldn’t. I wanted to spend more time doing the things I love, whether that’s yoga, being outside or delighting clients. I decided to start my own company, using my research experience to skilfully tell stories from data while giving my heart and soul to something I love. I work with select clients who get my full expertise and attention, you get the absolute best of me because this is where I want to be.

You’re no doubt wondering, why Old Salt? And where are these sailors you promised? Well, Old Salt is a nautical term for an experienced sailor and skilful teller of tales. My great grandad was an Old Salt, and my great, great grandad before him. After serving in the Royal Navy during WW1, great grandad Joe volunteered as part of the Dunkirk evacuation which saved countless lives; he is something of a legend in my family.

Considering I wanted to follow my passions to skilfully tell stories from data it was obvious to me that this was my chance to be Old Salt.