Bespoke quantitative research

Say goodbye to death by bar chart and scratching your head over how statsy findings were reached. At Old Salt we use accessible story telling to produce quantitative research that is meaningful against your objectives, and for your end audience.

What’s at the heart of your objectives?


We don’t want to jump to conclusions (especially not without any data), but probably you know your business and / or product very well, you know why you love it, you think other people could easily love it too, maybe you can even imagine who these other people are?

Old Salt can provide you with certainty around who your audience is and how you can best meet its needs. From sizing and profiling a previously unknown audience, to running a segmentation or unpicking the needs, motivations and behaviours of your core segments, we’ll design the best approach and sample structure to answer your objectives.

Want to be certain?
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Proposition just a glint in your stakeholder’s eyes? Old Salt can help to test appeal and preference across multiple concepts or propositions and / or among different audiences.

Finessing a developed product or proposition? We can identify the most motivating features / drivers to purchase as well as any significant barriers to purchase, and identify appropriate price points and potential revenue based on likely uptake.

Already nailed the product? We can unpick how to move customers along the funnel, or how your brand and product compares to your competitive set.

Pondering product research?
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You know the message you want to land, you think your creative is spot on (or maybe you already have a suspicion it’s off the mark?) but you and the team are all too close to judge this one properly. Old Salt can help you test and develop messaging with your target audience and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Creative diagnostics are our versatile friend, able to aid with message development by identifying the best copy to deliver against your objectives, or to provide insight into campaign performance.

The classic pre and post / control and exposed approach to ad effectiveness can be dialled up or down depending on the complexity of your objectives, potentially including passive measurement, forced exposure or cookie tracking. Alternatively, an A / B route among matched samples could be the best way to test your marketing.

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