Claire Sansom joins Old Salt as partner and director

We’re very excited to announce that there has been 100% growth at Old Salt!

In November 2020 Claire Sansom joined as director, after leaving her position as head of quantitative research at MTM (and yes, that is also the title held by Syann before she founded Old Salt!).

As good friends and former colleagues at two previous agencies, we were keen to reunite as business partners and work together for the clients we feel passionately about. Despite having similar careers and sharing the same high standards, we’ve always felt that we work well together because our skills and interests are complementary – while Syann loves to get stuck into number crunching and a range of geeky statistical techniques, Claire has a knack for simplifying the complex, from crafting tricky questionnaire wording to producing high impact, visually appealing outputs.

Prior to heading up the quantitative team at MTM, Claire worked as an associate director at Crowd DNA, and a senior researcher at Precise (now part of Kantar), and YouGov. She has (almost!) always specialised in the media sector, leading high-profile projects for clients such as the BBC, ITV, Facebook and Twitter. Claire has a passion for mixed method research and has been told she approaches quant like a quallie – which we think means you get the best of both worlds!

As a team of two, we tackle projects together. This makes the experience more enjoyable for us (who doesn’t want to work with a friend and have someone to bounce ideas around with?!) and means our clients get the full range of our expertise and the best possible research.

If you’d like to discuss how we might be able to work together, or just say hello, you can find our details here.