Consumer segmentation – reworking existing data to understand the LIV Golf fan

Ahead of its brand launch, LIV Golf wanted to repurpose some existing data to provide a more nuanced picture of who its fans will be, and clearer and more actionable insights on how to drive engagement.

After thoroughly reviewing the previous outputs, we started afresh by employing a range of stats techniques to interrogate the data and deliver a segmentation that was built around likelihood to engage with the LIV Golf proposition:

  • We started by running ANOVA and standardising our data to account for variation by market
  • We then ran factor analysis at a global and market level to check the consistency of the global themes
  • We combined these factors with other key variables and conducted regression analysis to identify the main predictors of interest in LIV Golf, which formed the basis of our segmentation
  • We ran three different statistical segmentations (hierarchical, two-step categorical and two-step continuous if you’re keen for the nitty gritty details!)

Each segmentation solution was analysed for global fit and nuance around engagement with golf, with the two-step continuous approach winning on both accounts. Within this approach, we landed on a seven-cluster solution that provided us with four target segments. Target segments were then profiled and brought to life in a succinct report focusing on the strategic implications which informed Liv Golf’s decisions around fan engagement, ticketing and event delivery.

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