ITV – Informing the development of ITVX

We partnered with ITV on three research projects to inform the development and launch of their new streaming platform, ITVX.

The first project tested the appetite and appeal at a broad proposition level (branded and unbranded), with a particular focus on how the service would be received by existing Hub, Hub+ and BritBox users, and by ITV’s target audiences. In the second project we used a split sample to test four potential positionings and unpick the role of different content and partner offerings. Finally, we tested the impact of potential marketing messages using Max Diff scaling to pull apart appealing messages and TURF (total unduplicated reach and frequency) analysis to identify the optimum combination of messages.

At each stage, the findings informed the development of ITVX across product, content and marketing, providing a robust evidence base so that stakeholders were clear and confident about how to progress ITVX.

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