Marketing messaging – defining a hierarchy of motivating messages for BritBox

Prior to launching BritBox, the marketing team wanted to understand the most motivating way for them to communicate the proposition.

We used a combination of statistical techniques to provide rich insight into how best to layer together marketing messages to raise awareness and drive consideration, and provided a bespoke excel simulator for BritBox to explore the impact of different message combinations across audiences.

The approach included:

– A maximum difference (Max Diff) exercise to create a definitive ranking of messages that most, and least, made people want to sign-up to BritBox

– TURF (total unduplicated reach and frequency) on the Max Diff scores to show which combinations of messages had the most appeal across unique consumers

– Key drivers analysis (KDA) to identify the implicit relative importance of messages for driving purchase

– Latent class analysis run on the Max Diff scores to see if the messages that people find motivating group them into meaningful audience segments

The findings provided detailed guidance to inform BritBox marketing campaigns. This guidance was so useful that following a later market segmentation the research was refreshed to identify the impact of messages on BritBox target segments.

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