Quantitative training for a senior EMEA research team

A longstanding client came to us for help ensuring their EMEA research team had the same baseline understanding of quantitative research, especially across more advanced techniques. The client wanted the training to be tailored to the team’s knowledge gaps, relevant to its business and research priorities, and of course engaging and enjoyable.

We surveyed the team to understand their existing knowledge and learning priorities, and how these linked to their day-to-day roles. Following this, we designed a series of five self-contained sessions that built in complexity, before wrapping up with a behind-the-scenes session to showcase the learnings in action. For each session we created a bespoke training deck with fun and visually engaging slides and comprehensive notes for future reference. The sessions included industry and client-specific examples, interactive exercises, cheat sheets, and a homework task to consolidate the learning.

The client was delighted with the training series, with participant feedback commenting on it being well-run, clearly presented, providing new insight into the research techniques and processes covered, and being valuable for the whole team.

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