SVOD strategy – informing growth in Europe

A leading SVOD service wanted a detailed understanding of consumers in two emerging European markets in order to inform their acquisition and retention strategy.

The research consisted of three stages:

1. An initial online profiling survey to size and characterise users and non-users, providing an up to date picture of each market and informing qual sampling

2. Digital tasks and group discussions conducted by the project qual partner to identify how consumers perceive and value SVOD services, content preferences and brand perceptions

3. A more detailed online survey informed by the qual, focussing on SVOD services. Analysis included CHAID among non-users and users to identify drivers of sign-up and churn, Max diff scaling to determine what non-users found most appealing when considering sign-up and what elements of the service users most valued, and latent class analysis to identify target audiences in relation to the elements of the product that most appealed

The final output combined findings from the three stages to summarise the extent of the opportunity in each market and a differentiated marketing strategy across addressable audiences.

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