Google – Exploring the future of insurance

Google wanted to provide their insurance clients with fresh insight on what the future of insurance might look like, and what this would mean for insurers.

We paired with a  qual partner to conduct an expert – consumer sandwich; expert interviews with industry experts to identify potential directions of change, consumer focus groups exploring needs and reactions to hypothetical future offerings from insurers, an online survey to quantify key behaviours and interest in future offerings, and final interviews with our initial experts to unpick what the consumer perspective on future offerings means for the insurance industry.

After each stage, we held analysis working sessions with the Google team to ensure the project evolved collaboratively and with the maximum commercial relevance. The end result was an industry event at which the research was presented to over 80 senior insurance clients. Attendee feedback from the event rated it 4.5 / 5 for overall satisfaction, and Google have since presented the research in the US and are taking the findings to individual clients.

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