What we do

As a dedicated senior team, we combine methodological rigour and powerful storytelling to inform growth strategy, product development and audience understanding.

A dedicated senior team

We’re a two-person team with extensive experience in media, sport and start-ups who work together on every project from start to finish. Not only do we find this the most enjoyable way to work, it also allows us to deliver strategic thinking throughout, and produce insights with clarity and impact.

Methodological rigour

We’re passionate about the quality of our research – it’s our names above the door after all. This means rigorous research design to provide robust data, working in true partnership with our clients and suppliers to ensure we’re always providing the best approach for the objectives.

Powerful storytelling

Delivering insights with impact is so important to us that we’ve built it into our brand name. Old Salt is a nautical term for an experienced sailor and skilful teller of tales, a link not only to our nautical heritage, but also our research know-how and the importance of how we communicate what we learn.