Who we are

Old Salt is owned and run by Syann Cleary and Claire Sansom and is our opportunity to enjoy actually doing great research together, from start to finish. We work with select clients who get our full expertise and attention – you get the absolute best of us because this is where we want to be.

Syann Cleary

A stats geek at heart and too much of a talker to make a good quallie, specialising in quant research for over 15 years, working mainly with media, entertainment, and sports brands. Former Head of Quantitative Research at MTM, inherently curious, analytically tenacious, and comfortable challenging the status quo.


Claire Sansom

A quant expert with qual tendencies who has 15+ years’ experience working across mixed method projects for media and entertainment brands. Former Head of Quantitative Research at MTM (not at the same time as Syann!), champion of simplicity, master storyteller, with a wicked eye for detail.